UN mark is a universal / international system created by the United Nations, which is meant for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous goods, in order to transport it safely (by road, rail, sea and air). Testing are required to be carried out, before a UN certification mark can be issued. The packaging must meet or exceed minimum standards of performance before it can be used.

UN Mark Certificate is primarily known as the UN Certificate, which is issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) for packages containing hazardous or dangerous goods for transportation. It is issued only after conducting tests of the package samples as per the UN Standards for transportation. The shipment of packages must be reasonably capable of resisting under all forms of climatic environments, any possibilities occurring during transportation, leakproof, etc. An effective and competent procedure is required to follow all international transport standards properly. A UN packaging code is displayed on the shipped packages, and such code describes the package type. It reveals that the packaging has passed the tests as per the set UN Standards for packages containing hazardous and dangerous goods.

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